A week of Brexit mayhem – podcast

Anushka Asthana spends a pivotal week in parliament, during which the government lost a series of votes on the Brexit process. MPs Jacob Rees-Mogg, Emily Thornberry, Jess Phillips and Sam Gyimah discuss their part in the chaotic proceedings. Plus: the Guardian’s Rowena Mason on what it all means

Even in the chaotic context of recent Brexit debates, this week stands out as extraordinary. As Theresa May attempted to pass her deal through parliament, her authority ebbed away further and her voice gave way to a hoarse croak. Defeat, when it came on Tuesday, was again crushing. It meant honouring a promise to hold a vote on removing a no-deal Brexit from the negotiating options, but this brought further chaos. With her cabinet hopelessly split, May appeared to be losing control of events as the government whipped against an amended version of its original motion – and then lost the vote.

Anushka Asthana spent the week in Westminster speaking to some of the key players as events unfolded. She hears from Labour’s Jess Phillips and Emily Thornberry, plus Conservative MPs Jacob Rees-Mogg and Sam Gyimah.

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Source: The Guardian
A week of Brexit mayhem – podcast