Australia v England: Cricket World Cup 2019 semi-final – live!

12.54pm BST

32nd over: Australia 142-5 (Smith 61, Maxwell 13) Rashid to Smith. Teases him once. Teases him twice. Lots of loop. A googly. Smith eventually works a single fine. Maxwell on strike, and he goes downtown for six! Didn’t skip down to that one, just saw the length was full enough and got a big stride in, and with mid-on up in the circle, had no hesitation giving that ball everything he has. It soars over the fence. Then Maxwell proves his temperament by defending the last two balls. Drinks.

12.51pm BST

31st over: Australia 135-5 (Smith 60, Maxwell 7) Here we go, here we go. Immediately Morgan brings back Archer to bowl to Maxwell. They want to target him with the short ball once again. A couple of normal length, then the first shorter one. Maybe a slower ball? Maxwell picks it and nails it for four! Pulled through midwicket. Back goes Archer to bowl again. Wheels on that one! It sizzles through at helmet height, and Maxwell ducks early and ducks often. This is some game of cricket today.

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Source: The Guardian
Australia v England: Cricket World Cup 2019 semi-final – live!