Brexit: backstop time limit essential, says Boris Johnson – Politics live

The former foreign secretary says UK must have ability to exit Irish backstop unilaterally

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Meanwhile, the prisons minister, Rory Stewart, says Theresa May has rejected Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal for a customs union post-Brexit but suggested that the parties are closer together than some people think.

He told BBC Breakfast:

The prime minister remains very clear that she thinks that a very major economy like the United Kingdom needs to have the freedom to be able to make its own trade deals, so she’s disagreeing with Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion that we enter a permanent customs union.

What she is saying is that we have a lot if common ground, a lot more common ground perhaps than people have acknowledged, on things like environmental protections, workers’ rights, making sure that we get investment into areas of the country which haven’t done as well out of the last few years as other parts of the country.

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Source: The Guardian
Brexit: backstop time limit essential, says Boris Johnson – Politics live