Chiwetel Ejiofor webchat – follow it live!

The 12 Years a Slave star, and voice of Scar in the ‘live action’ Lion King is answering your questions on his wide-ranging stage and screen career – now

1.31pm BST

Claire Hobson asks

What was Joss Whedon like to work with? #serenity

Joss was just amazing to work with and it was wonderful at the time to join the cast of Serenity/ Firefly. He had an encyclopedic understanding of film and TV and was just deeply inspirational.

1.29pm BST

CrazyCat Lady asks

In which ways do you think the British movie/theatre sector will be affected by Brexit?

I think one the great things about the British film industry at the moment is how many people are able to be here from Europe – and work here. And because there’s so much happening it’s utilised a lot of different technicians. The important thing is to absolutely maintain that and keep Britain as a place people are excited to be in and able to work in.

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Source: The Guardian
Chiwetel Ejiofor webchat – follow it live!