Grammys 2019: the winners, the losers, the performances – live!

Kendrick Lamar leads this year’s nominations with Drake close behind but who will walk away with the night’s biggest awards?

11.59pm GMT

21 Savage was set to attend tonight’s ceremony but as you may have heard, he was arrested last week and is being threatened with deportation because of ICE questioning his citizenship.

His co-manager took to Twitter to complain that those involved with the Grammys won’t let his mother take his ticket. Here’s what he has to say:

Sooo Grammys won’t release savages tickets to Savages mom to go to Grammys on his behalf … that shit crazy smh …

We won’t be going to Grammys … the politics and shit is ridiculous …

Everyone want us to be quiet bout shit that ain’t right man … its crazy

I won’t blame this on race … I blame it on lame people being LAME …

11.52pm GMT

Because there are just so many damn Grammys, a whole bunch have already been announced, including some rather big ones. It’s been a good night for Lady Gaga already and Ariana Grande, a no-show, has won her first Grammy.

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Source: The Guardian
Grammys 2019: the winners, the losers, the performances – live!