Ken Loach: ‘The airwaves should be full of outrage’

As his new film Sorry We Missed You takes aim at zero-hours contracts, the director reveals why he still has to fight to get his films made, and how he thinks Labour should tackle the ‘piratical’ Boris Johnson

On the film sets of legends, size matters: big equipment, big performances, big egos, big budgets, big screen. On this shoot, none of that applies. We are on a trading estate in Gateshead, in a unit that looks as tired as any depot you have ever seen, right down to the backroom office’s carpet tiles that are now the colour of boot soles. The fulcrum of this production is not a swaggering auteur, but a slight, bespectacled 83-year-old man who, instead of barking orders, speaks in a tone as polite and wholesome as Ovaltine.

“Righto, folks!” he says, swaddled in a coat against the autumn cold that keeps pushing in.

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Source: The Guardian
Ken Loach: ‘The airwaves should be full of outrage’