Labor calls for royal commission into defence veteran suicide – politics live

The opposition leader, Anthony Albanese, says there have been more than 400 ‘senseless loss of life’ since 2001. Follow all the day’s politics – live

12.20am GMT

One new fact out of Labor caucus this morning: the opposition will introduce a private senators’ bill to make amendments to the encryption legislation to try to force the government to make improvements agreed by a bipartisan committee report last year.

Labor passed the encryption legislation in the final week of parliament in 2018, later accusing the Coalition of reneging on a deal to make amendments including improving protections against the creation of “systemic weaknesses”.

Some customers are less likely to seek out contracts with Australian technology companies due to a widespread perception that Australia’s encryption laws may require them to introduce systemic weaknesses into their systems …

This is why Labor is repairing the Morrison government’s encryption laws by introducing legislation based on bipartisan recommendations of the [parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and security], those agreed to by Liberal committee members and promised by Mathias Cormann a year ago.”

12.18am GMT

The Murray Darling Basin Plan protesters have made their way to the headquarters of the National Farmers’ Federation. The protest places the NFF in a tricky position. The organisation agrees the basin plan needs to be improved. But it has split with protesters on their demand that the plan be scrapped altogether.

Tony Mahar, chief executive of the NFF, spoke to the protesters outside his office.

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Source: The Guardian
Labor calls for royal commission into defence veteran suicide – politics live