Letter: $41M settlement should repay wronged customers

$41M settlement should
repay wronged customers

Re: “Mercury Insurance ends fight with California for record $41 million” (Eastbaytimes.com, Business section, Oct. 3):

Typical. After a decades-long legal action, Mercury Insurance finally agreed to stop their obstruction, and “pay the state more than $41 million” in a penalty (with interest) for overcharging customers.

What about the customers? Mercury Insurance says it has the “best interests of its customers, employees and other stakeholders” in mind.

Mercury Insurance is no different than any other corporate violator. They all trot that extraordinarily overused lie, they put their “customers” first. Right after the bottom line, executives, shareholders, lobbying, reserves and anything else that may arise.

R. Cote
Castro Valley


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Source: Mercury news
Letter: M settlement should repay wronged customers