Man falls and dies in Yosemite on Christmas Day

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YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK — The National Park Service says a man died after falling into a river at Yosemite National Park on Christmas Day.

Government spokesman Andrew Munoz says Friday the man apparently slipped down Silver Apron, a large, sloping granite area off the Mist Trail above Vernal Falls.

Munoz said rangers responding to a 911 call arrived on scene in less than an hour. They pulled him from the water and provided medical aid, but the man died from a head injury.

He has not been identified.

No further details were released. Munoz said the ongoing investigation is taking longer than usual because of the partial government shutdown.

He said the park didn’t issue a press release about the fatality because of the shutdown, which began two weeks ago.

A post by Yosemite Search and Rescue on the park’s blog says “significant numbers” of people are hurt every year at Silver Apron, which it calls a “tempting natural water slide.” Some go out of control while deliberately sliding, and others slip accidentally on the slick granite.

In July of last year, a 16-year-old hiker nearly died at Silver Apron when he slid into Emerald Pool and his foot became trapped in an underwater pile of boulders. He fought to keep his nose above water for 10 to 15 minutes, until fellow hikers were able to free him.

On one day in July 2014, five people were hurt at Silver Apron, all of them 17-year-old boys.

Source: Mercury news
Man falls and dies in Yosemite on Christmas Day